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What is Project: Spread a Lil Love?

Project: Spread a Lil Love is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS. It was created in 2012 for the community to gather together and take needed/wanted items to local nursing homes, provide meals for the homeless shelter, provide care packages and clothes to the local domestic violence shelter, donate gifts to the children's hospital and more.

People who aren't actually able to go with us, donate either monetary gifts or actual items for us to take to wherever we're going at the time.


Check out my Facebook page for upcoming events you can participate in!


Project: Spread a Lil Love is chartered as a tax-exempt charitable organization. Any volunteers are 100% unpaid volunteers. All of the funds we collect go to the organizations & events listed.


100%. Period.

Contact your tax advisor for details regarding your tax deductibility.

Tax ID: 81-1811161


Mailing Address

Project: Spread a Lil Love

PO Box 11193

Killeen, TX 76547

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