Domestic Violence Advocate Info

The month of October is full of awareness month. We have:
-National Breast Cancer Awareness, Lupus Awareness, Domestic Abuse, Crime Prevention, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness and lots more...

BUT the one awareness that pulls my heart strings the MOST is Domestic Abuse Awareness.

Many years ago... late teens & early twenties... I went through the most trying time of my life. Being with someone who physically or verbally abuses is no way to live. I was so naive to believe the lies I was told by this person but deep down I knew this was NOT how "love" was supposed to be. After a few years of wearing makeup to cover up the black eyes and busted lips... I finally had enough. I built up the courage and strength to not only get away, but to stay away.

The one thing I'll always remember though is my grandma telling me I must forgive him. I knew I had to. I didn't want to. But the seconds after praying and forgiving him... oh it was the most freedom I had ever felt. Domestic violence is no joke. It's very painful and can cause so much damage (physically & mentally) to people who aren't as strong minded.

Now that so many years have passed on... I still have a passion for those who are still struggling with it and help volunteer with a national hotline to assist callers to get away. I get the opportunity to pray for them as well (if they let me).

Point is... with God... I remain an Overcomer not just a Survivor.

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